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141. Fleece lined hobbles with chain in between. These are quality hobbles great for trail rides and training. $9.99

Nylon Saddle Buddy. Attaches to your saddle. Has stirrups that shorten for any size child. Has handles for them to hold onto. Has support front and back to help hold your child in the seat. This is a wonderful way to take your child along on a ride. We use them and they are great. Current colors are black, brown and purple $47.99

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A great way to protect the tail and keep it neat while waiting for the next show.Get that show ring tail you always dreamed of! This classic tail bag is constructed of 4 way stretch Lycra and has 4 ties to secure the bag $5.99

Tail bag to braid into tail to help protect tail. Choice of black or red $6.99

Nylon/cotton blend sheet. Fleece around edge that goes over neck. Very nice. Size 80 only. Blue or white with light blue lines. $23.99

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143. Get ready for spring fly season. Fly masks several sizes available from yearling to X Large. Horse Sense brand. Just $8.50.


Fly Mask with fleece around the edges for comfort. $13.99

Fly Sheet. Keep your horse comfortable. Has neck coverage also

Cotton sheet. Keep your horse looking great

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144.Track bandages $12.50

Polo Wraps/Polar Fleece. Black. These are quality wraps. Set of 4. $12.50

Special buy on Polo Wraps/Polar Fleec. Set of 4. In plastic carrying case. Choice of green or burgundy. $12.50

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145. Chicago screws. Come in a package. Don't be without them. $3.25. I also have extra long chicago screws and ones with floral design.

Slobber straps $6.50

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146. Abetta winter blankets. Open front style. One size available. New. $69.99

Foal blanket with belly band. $21.50

Nylon Sheets. 420 Denier. Several Colors available. Sizes 80 thru 86. Closed front. Leg Straps. Great for keeping your horse clean and helping to create a great hair colt. Great for the warmer weather. Breathable. $26.99

Foal blanket size large. In handy carrying case. Blue with silver trim. $25

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147. Nylon training forks. Many colors available. Great price on great training tool. $5.50

Leather training forks. Buckle for adjustment $7.99

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148. Neoprene tail protector. Great for hauling and breeding. Easy to clean and disinfect. Or great if you have a horse that rubs his tail. Top covers the top of the tail for great protection. $11.75

A great miniature foal blanket manufactured with 440 denier nylon with fiberfill insulation and a nylon taffeta lining. Lycra stretch shoulder expands to give your foal the flexibility for motion and growth. Adjustable velcro front with a bellyband and attached tailpiece. Pink features an "It's a Girl" medallion - Light blue features "It's A Boy" medallion. Approximately 22"-26" measured from the center of the chest to the center of the tail. $19.50

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149.Protect your horses ears and face from flies, mosquitos and deer flies when you are riding. This cute crocheted protector covers the ears and has tie that goes under jaw and ties to self to hold in place. Also covers face to keep pests off. Make riding time more enjoyable for you and your horse. Choice of colors white, red, blue or black. $5.99

Pink Camoflauge sheets. Open front. Sizes available are 70, 76, 80 $29.99

Rambo Quarter Horse sheets. Closed front. Green. Sizes available are 74, 76, 78, 80, 82 $39.99

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150. 3 M Vet Wrap. This is the good stuff. We use it all the time. We like it better than some of the other leading brands. $1.69.

Winter blankets. Sizes 69 thru 84. Open and closed fronts. Green or blue. 420 Denier. • Medium-Weight Warmth • 420D Nylon Weatherproof Outer • Thick Polyester Filling • Horizontal Quilted Paneling • Specify Style: Open Front or Closed Front • Specify Color: Royal Blue/Tan or Forest/Tan • Specify Size: 69", 72", 75", 78", 81", or 84"
This soft, warm, nylon stable blanket has a single belly strap and elasticized inner leg straps with T-connectors. Choose from a traditional Closed Front which goes on over the head or an Open Front with double buckle closure. Wind and weather resistant. Specify Style, Color, or Size.

Matching hoods to above blanket. Average and Large horse sizes. 420 Denier.Defender 420D Quilted Hood
This waterproof nylon quilted hood complements the Defender 420-Denier Quilted Blankets.
Features fastening straps which close the underside of the hood, and straps located inside to clip securely to the accompanying blanket. Large ear and eye holes.
Forest with Tan Trim
Royal Blue with Tan Trim
Average Horse

Large Horse $40.99

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151. Lock blade knife on key chain. Very sharp but small enough to fit in your pocket and you forget it is there. This is the one I carry all the time to cut twine etc. $1.50

Mane and tail brush. 85 cents.

Keep your brushes and sprays organized. Tie to inside of trailer or to a fence or tie to side of saddle stand $15.99

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152. Purina brand Horse treats that your horse can't resist and they are good for your horse. These treats have made some really hard to catch horses a pest for attention. We buy in bulk and re package so you can save money. You get a gallon ice cream container full. $5.99. Trial size plastic bag $1.00. Plastic gallon bags are $4.50.

3 Tier saddle stand. This rack is heavy duty metal. The rack will come apart and has hooks to hang over fence etc. This is a great rack to use to save space. $95


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153. Paddle mane and tail brush. Colors. $2.25

Check out these great brushes. Choice for $5.99

Check out these nice brushes. Made in England. Easy fit in your hand. $4.99

If you like Oster brand brushes you will love this assortment of brushes and other grooming supplies. Very nice and in a nice clear carrying case. I have 3 on hand. So don't let a bargain like this pass you buy. $55.99  


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154. Coiled hose 50 foot high pressure. Takes up less room than a regular hose and easy to take along. Great for grooming horses or washing cars. Coils up when you are done for easy storage. $16.50. 25 foot hose $9.99

Liability signs. If your state has Equine Liability Laws you really need to post a sign with your states Liability Information. We have Iowa ones on hand. Can get other states. $10.99

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155. We have the barebacks below in stock. Solid colored bareback pad with felt on bottom side. Comes with stirrups. Use your regular western cinch on this pad. Dark blue, red, black and green. $29.99

Check out this great new bareback pad. It is almost like a tree less saddle. It has straps to secure like a saddle. Stirrups. Also have two detachable saddle bags. Fleece on bottom for the comfort of your horse $55.99

Check out these hand painted soft horse hair bristled brush. Choice of designs. Two different styles to fit your hand. $8.99

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156. Saddle racks for your saddles. Don't leave your saddle on the floor. These light weight yet sturdy saddle holders are great. $22 We now have black and spring color metal saddle racks with halter/bridle hook on front and wire below to store tack. Colors include purple, blue, green. They have a wire rack across the bottom for storage. $26.

Wall mount saddle racks. $12.99

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157. We carry several different kinds of brushes and combs.

Great brush for your horse. Brush him and give a massage at the same time. Pro-Craft™ Massage Brush Cleans and spoils your horse all at once and they will love you for it! Soft 3/4" bristles surround an inner panel of massage knobs on a wooden handle. $9.99

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158. Large and small rubber black curry. Has handle on other side to make grooming easier. $1.59 and $1.89

Mane and Tail brush. Two sides. Great for grooming your dogs also. $3.50

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159. Just in Cowboy brush great for getting mud off. Bristles stiffer than Panda brush. Has handle. Choice Panda Brush or Cowboy Brush. $2.99

Pulling comb and hoof pic. $1.99

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160. Use this to get the hair off of your horse. Works great. $3.99

Scissor for cutting/thinning mane. You can cut and thin the mane without a straight across look. I use one all the time and couldn't be without it. We use it all the time to shorten a long mane and also to trim shorter manes. A must have for anyone working on manes. Gives a natural look to the ends. $8.75

Trim kit in leather pouch featuring stainless steel thinning shears and a thinning comb. $9.99

2 Step Mounting block. These are great for helping you get up on your horse. Also great for standing on when grooming or clipping your horse. Also great for taking along to the shows and using to get into your dressing room on your trailer $42

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