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Touch lamps in western themes. We have two in our house and love them. Team roper, bronc rider or bull rider available. $28

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102. Saddle carrying bag. This bag is big enough for saddle and blanket. Tough for hauling saddle to trail rides or shows. Heavy cordura. $27.50

Handmade wire horses. $250

103. New Item. Key Chains. Choice of Lucky Horse Shoe or Show spur. Would look great carrying any of your keys. $2.50. Make great gifts too. We also have Tom Thumb bit, English Stirrup

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104. Montana silver for breast collar. Attaches with chicago screws. Add some pizzazz to your breast collar. $11.99

Silver pieces for headstall or halter. Spice things up with some BLING. $4.50 a piece.

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106. More BLING.

Cell Phone holders. All leather. Silver concho or silver star. $28.50


B. Cell phone holder. All leather. Fully tooled. Velcro closure and metal belt clip. $28.50

Cell phone holder. Leather. Has snap leather strap to hold your phone secure. Has metal belt clip. Comes in two sizes small and medium. $16.50

Dark brown cell phone holder. Leather. $15.99

Check out these great cell phone holders. Abetta brand $19.99


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107. Talking plush ponies. Spirit from the movie and his paint side kick. Squeeze their tummies and they whinny to you. Great stocking stuffers. We only have one paint one she doesn't whinny so would take $3.50 for her. $4.99 for the buckskin. New cowboy in the tack shop. Reride he is a Breyer brand professional bull rider mascot. Very soft guy wanting a new home. $9.99

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108. Just in new breyer horse models. Famous barrel horse Scamper and Dun Gotta Gun. Choice $19.95.

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109. Head bumpers. Made from protective shock absorbing neoprene. Keep your horse safe when teaching to trailer, trailering, or anytime your horse could bump the top of his head. Will fit horse with any halter. Black. $8.99

Full saddle cover. Has elastic underneath to hold cover in place. Made from durable fabric. Keep your saddle clean and dust free. Great for barn, tack room or when taking your saddle to shows or trail riding. Helps keep moisture droplets off also. Black only right now for color. $12.50.

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110. Heavy weight vinyl saddle cover. Keep your saddle dry and dust free. Easy to take on and off. $7.50

Great looking cell phone holders. The one on the far right has a strap to carry it also and window on the back for your drivers license of picture. Choice $19.99

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111. Here ya go. Great gift for your horsey friends. Or just to treat yourself. Driveway markers with horse and rider and red reflector. Made from metal. We also have horse rain guage. Check to see how much rain you got to make your pasture and hay grow. Has horse on it. Driveway reflectors are $10.99 a piece and rain guage and holder are $10.99

Check out these great new signs. I only have a few on hand. I have the "If you only knew what your horse thought of you", "This barn is maintained for the comfort of the horse", and "When in doubt let your horse do the thinking" $4.99

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112. Nice Horse head tack or clothing hanger. Great for barn or home $6.75

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113. Tapestry in Horse print. We have two different totes. $9.99 An overnight duffel bag with lots of zippered compartments. $12.50 A toiletry bag to hold all your items in a neat fashion when you travel $8.99 Cute carry all purse with water bottle carrier and cell phone holder. Also shoulder strap. $9.99 Wardrobe bag to keep your clothes in tip top shape $9.99


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114. Neat gift ideas or just wonderful decorating ideas for your home or office. Click on link to the right for close up pics.

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115. Wahl Clipper. For all of your clipping needs. $17.50

Check out these great tubs. They are flexible and versatile. The handles make them easy to use to carry just about anything from grain, to water to toys. I bought several and at least 2 are in the house being used for toys and at times as a laundry basket. Great to talk along if going to a show or a trail ride. They come in two sizes 6 gallon and 11 gallon. $10.75 and $13.50

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116. Navajo bankets for you to keep warm in. Take to the game, for a picnic or keep one in your vehicle in case you get stranded and need a blanket to keep warm 5 ' by 7 ' $8.50

Cotton roping or chore gloves. These are great all around gloves with multiple uses. If they are too big wash and dry to shrink and if still to big wash and dry again. So should fit just about anyone. 79 Cents a pair or $6.00 for 12 pair.

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117. Double h anging picture holder and picture holder with key holder ONLY $5.99 and single hanging picture frame $4.99.

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118. Just in these Horse Print purses and totes. Some have cell phone holders. I just love them. They have a horse shoe with a horse head and jewels on the front. The bigger purses are $19.99 and the smaller one that is like a make up carrier? The smaller one has a shoulder strap and is $14.99

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119. Cast iron horse head hitching post top. $8.50

Navajo tack bag or just a great bag to pack for a trip. $21

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120. Take a look at this handy item. Fits over stall wall and holds bucket. Handle goes over hook but ring keeps the bucket from easily getting knocked off. $2.50

Check this out. Just rub your boots across the brushes and get rid of the mud so you don't track it into the house. $8.25

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