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Spurs/Whips/Trailer Ties/Lariat/Dog Collars/Tie Downs Pg 5

We will help you sell your tack on commission. 20 % or $50 which ever is less. We also take trades.

81. Leather riding crop. $1.99

Barrel Racers over and under whip. Variety of colors. Leather popper. $14.25

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82. Bright orange tie down. It doesn't look bright orange in the pictures but it is. It has an overlay design sewn on. $17.99

Very nice black nylon noseband tie down with purple crystals. $19.99

Red nylon tie down. Clear crystals on it. $14.99

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83. Kids rope. Let the little roper in your family swing a rope that is sized just for them. Stiff rope just like the big cowboys use. Right now we have turquoise or red. $8.99

Adult lariats. Soft to medium. White. $12.99

Used Lariats. Great shape. Some heading ropes and some heeling. $15.99

We now carry STEER Heads with the long horns and CALF Heads. Practice roping. $22.99

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84. NEW Black Lunge whips $6.50. New Black Buggy whips $5.50. Dressage whip. $5

JUST IN NEW EXTRA LONG LUNGE WHIPS Total of 15 to 16 foot. Orange, black, yellow and green. $10.99

We have the lunge whips that unscrew in the middle to make them easier to carry along and store.

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85. Kelly spurs in great colors for fun or show. We have pink, purple, red, gold, silver and blue. $35

Kelly silver spurs with rowels. Great for showing or just looking great when riding. $35

Rubber spur tiedowns $4.99

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86. Hanging heavy cordura hay feeders with grain feeder in bottom. Great for long trailer trips. Also great for stall feeding especially away from home. $22.99

Kelly Spurs. Nice accent stones. Great for showing or just to look good when using daily. Jewels in Red, Blue and Green/Teal $29.99

Just in Spur Straps with Crystals. Wow these are beautiful and a perfect Christmas Gift for the horse lover on your list. $39.99

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87. All leather noseband and tie down. $21.00

Leather Tie Down
High grade skirting leather for durability. Snap included.
Color: May vary slightly
Size: 40" L x 3/4” W adjustable $17.99

Kelly Spurs. Blunt end. $14.99

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88. Pyranha Fly spray Aerosol. This is the fly spray that the pros use. We use it all the time and love it. $13.99


Fiebings Brand fly spray. In quart sprayer. This is a trusted name in fly spray. $6.50

Manna brand fly spray. We use this spray and like it alot. $6.99

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89. Slip on spurs $4.00 We just got in order of spurs. Kids and adults several different styles. Very nice.

Lycra mane tamer. Full zipper and belly band. Black large only. $35.99.

Lycra/cotton mane tamer. Full face, full zipper and belly band. Red. Large only. $35.99


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90. Spur straps. King Series Brand. $12.50

Kelly Brand Barrel Spurs with the small rowels on bumpers. Get more from your horse with these spurs. $16.75

Just in Barrel Bumper spurs. Most are Kelly Brand. Several colors, silver, red, gold, burgundy $17.99



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91. Spur straps. Dark brown. $9.50 Kids dark brown spur straps (not shown) $6.50. Spur straps with silver accents are $11.99. SPURS Several styles on hand. Brown ones below have rubber heel strap Partrade brand. New $15.99 the other set are complete with spur straps $24.99 bottom right.

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92. Spur straps $4.00 Adult pictured, Kids spur straps $6.50. Kids spurs silver or black choice bottom right $10. See more spurs and straps click on more pics to the right.

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93. Very nice Kelly Brand spurs. Choice of designs. $29.99

Large spring pear snap. Great for safety chains, buckets etc. $5.50

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94. Nylon dog collars. Sizes extra small thru Large. Many colors available. Quick release snaps. 14"-20" $4.25 and 18"-26" $4.99 Will get additional size measurements up soon.

Matching leashes. 4 foot and 6 foot lengths. Also flat cotton dog leashes that are used by dog trainers. 6 foot.

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95. English cinches. String cinch. Sizes 44", 48", or 52". I can order this cinch for you. $22.99 Neoprene cinches also available as I can order them they would be $32.99.

Kelly Spurs. Great style. Good enough to show in or just use for riding in. $24.99

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96. Bungee cross ties. These are great as they give a little if a horse moves around and helps the horse not to get too upset. $12.50 Bungee trailer tie $9.25 has panic snap on one end and bull snap on the other. Choice of white cross ties and white, pink, red, orange in the trailer ties.

Nylon trailer ties. Longer ones great for slant load trailers. EZ bull snap on one end and other end panic snap. $6.25

Just in great trailer ties in great colors. They are heavy duty and have some stretch in them. They have the panic snap on one end and bull snap on the other end with the thumb helper to make it easier for you to open. $9.99

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97. New black nylon lunge line. Comes with snap on the end and a chain you can snap on or off. $7.99

White flat cotton lunge line with rubber stopper on the end. $10.99

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98. Great lunge line. Lime green, orange, blue, purple, yellow, red your choice of colors. Soft cotton with rubber stopper at the end. $14.25 or $15.99 with chain.

2 sets of used leather split reins. Click on link to right for pics. $4.99

Lunge lines with chain. Chains are removable. Lunge line set up so if snap breaks it can be replaced. Choice $7.50

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Kelly Brand spurs. Spur with rowel or barrel bumper spur. Choice $29.99

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100. Quilted leg wraps set of 4. $5.99

Kelly Brand spurs. Pink with rowel. Kids and women's sizes. $17.99

Blunt end Kelly spurs. Sizes small and regular. $17.99

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