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Bits/ Nylon Halters/Rope Halters/ Show Halters/Lead Ropes/Leg Proctectors/Hackamores/More Headstalls/Bull snaps/More snaps/Rings/Buckles etc. Pg 4

We will help you sell your tack on commission. 20 % or $50 which ever is less. We also take trades.

61. Fancy show bits. Check them out. One is Civil War Re enactment type bit. U.S. on the side. Many are Partrade brand. Many, many bits to chose from. Click on link to the right to see more choices. Choice $29.99

A. B.


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62. The Original Anti buck. WE ARE NOW MAKING THEM SO GIVE US A CALL OR EMAIL TO ORDER. WE HAVE 3 SIZES SMALL, MEDIUM, AND LARGE. Colors available are blue,black, red or green. Or get package that includes all 3 sizes so you can interchange for all 3 sizes. Just one size is $24.99 Plus $4.50 for shipping. If you want kit for all sizes is $35 or just one extra size is only $5.

Kelly Aluminum Show bit. Check out this great bit. Take it into the show ring or just look great riding. $24.99

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63. Stainless steel Draft size Tom Thumb bit. So now you can ride your Large horse and have some fun. $20.99

On the opposite end of the spectrum here is a cute cute stainless steel bit for your miniature horse. Now you can drive him or have your kids ride. $18.50

Pony bits. O ring, tom thumb, and half cheek. $9.99

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64. Tom thumb bits. Plain mouth and copper. Short shank plain mouth $14.99 and longer shank plain mouth $17.99 copper mouth long shank $24.99 short shank copper mouth $24.99

Mini stainless steel tom thumb bit. Very cute bit. $13.99

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65. Lots of new bits on hand.

Great reining bit with roller. $18.50

Antique look Sliding Gag Bit. W/Rawhide Braided Adjutable Nylon Rope headstall. 5 1/4 " sweet iron 3 piece broken mouth piece with 4 copper rings. Great for teaching body position. (Strong Effect). $41.50

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66. Leather show lead with chain. Dark oil or medium oil colored $12.99

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67. Nickel plated heavy bull snaps or Panic snaps $3.50

Brass bolt snap. Great for making lead ropes or replacing broken ones. $3.99

Scissor snaps $1.59

Check out this great new snap. For those of you that like the strength of a bull snap but find them a bit inconvenient to open this is the snap for you. See the tab that sticks out and makes the snap much easier to open???? They are great. Have us make you a new lead rope today or buy to replace broken lead ropes or have one on hand in case one breaks. $3.50

Infinity hand tied rope halters 1/4 inch $5.99. Mini thru adult horse sizes. 3/8 inch rope halters are $9.25. I welcome custom sizes. Add the soft poly rope tied on for only 50 cents a foot. Add rings on the sides for cross tie option or to use to attach reins to just 50 cents extra.


Bronc Rope halters. Have leather over nose. Comes with lead $29.99

Soft poly rope. Great for lunge lines, leads with snaps or tied on. Solid black and black and raspberry available. 50 cents a foot. I also have Red on hand also.

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68. Bridle/Halter bag protect your investment. Velcro strap at top to hold headstalls. Just in dark blue Bridle/Halter bag with fleece lining. $14.99.

A. Stainless steel rubber noseband hackamore. Weaver brand. $22.99

B. Stainless steel braided leather noseband hackamore. Weaver brand $22.99

Martha Josey Sliding Gag Hackamore. Has Hackamore and bit action. Great for game horses or every day riding $29.99

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69. Hand tied rope halter. 3/8 inch rope. Has rings on the side for cross tying or riding like a hackamore. $9.75

Tie on lead ropes for rope halters. These are examples that I have for sale. I can custom make to your choice of lengths. Complete with leather popper on the end. No hardware to break. 60 cents a foot

Reinsman bit. O Ring twisted wire snaffle. Use this to tune up your horse or just a different bit to try $19.99

O Ring double twisted snaffle $19.99

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70. Cowboy headstalls. These are great headstalls. Choice of basketweave or floral print. Tooling matches the two big breast collars we have. Choice $29.99

Infinity Hand tied Clinician rope halter. This halter has knots over the nose for added control of your horse. This helps the horse respond more quickly to your cues. 1/4 " rope. Can add removable poly rope that is soft and easy to use. It is 50 cents a foot Just the training halter. We can make yearling to large adult size $6.50

Wow these are one of the handiest halters I have ever made!!! Infinity Easy Catch halter. It fits any size horse and is the halter and lead rope in one. My husband uses it to take the horses from the stalls to the indoor arena for exercise he doesn't need to put a halter on the horses and then look for a lead rope it is all in one. The best thing also is that it will fit in your pocket. I can custom make the lengths for you too.

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71. Headstalls with the "BLING" Colored dots and jewels. Most come with matching reins. The "V" headband with the red jewels is headstall only. Choice $41.99

A. B. D.



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72. New Rope halters with tied on lead. Great for training and to have handy in the truck or to get your horse in from the pasture. $12.99.



Shin and Ankle Proctetor. Black only and size Large only. $9.99


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73. Cowboy training lead with leather popper on end. This is the soft rope that the big name clinicians use. This is a great way to get the rope without the big price tag. $12.99

These cool training leads just in. They have some "give" to them. So great when you are training a young one or even an older horse if they give you a little pull. This is the first time we have had them. Several colors to choose from. $7.50

Bungee Lunge Line

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74. Just In Bright colored halters Horse size. Colors are purple and hunter green. These are great for everyday use. Some have snap at throat latch. Double ply nylon some with white nylon overlay. Throw an extra one in the trailer as a back up $5.99

Halters in a variety of sizes and many different colors. Weanling, yearling, pony, 2 yr. old horse to full size horse. These are a really nice halter with overlay design. Full size is $11.25

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75. Newborn foal halters. We have many other colors available. $6.25

Hamilton yearling miniature horse halters. These are very very nice halters. They have leather over the crown. These halters should fit new adult horse foals too. $9.99

Tan or blue halter with leather accents. We only have one of each color left so if you like them don't wait $9.99

"I LOVE MY HORSE" is woven right into the nylon on this great looking halter from Guardian. Sure to be the most popular halter in the barn, this halter lets everyone know who is number one in your heart! This comfort halter features triple ply, heavy duty web nylon with a neoprene padded nose and crown and sturdy brass hardware: heavy halter squares, crown buckle, rings, grommets and throat snap. $15.99

"I LOVE MY OWNER" is woven right into the nylon on this great looking halter from Guardian. Sure to be the most popular halter in the barn, this halter lets everyone know who is number one in your horse's heart! This comfort halter features triple ply, heavy duty web nylon with sturdy hardware: heavy halter squares, crown buckle, rings, grommets and throat snap. $15.99

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76. O Ring Pony bit. Sweet iron $9.99

O Ring Horse bit. Sweet iron $9.99

Kelly Brand Show bits. Very nice. Get noticed in the show ring or just look great when riding $29.99

A. B.


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77. Skid boots. Black. Strong, molded rubber skid cups. Three loop-through VelcroŽ closures. Neoprene foam rubber, tough CorduraŽ covering. Sold in Pairs. Adjustable horse size $14.75

Bell Boots. No turn. Neoprene and velcro. Help protect your horse from injuries in case of over reaching. Also keeps your horse willing to work as it helps avoid injuries from working and training when crossing over. Medium Black. $19.99 Small red $14.99, Medium $14.99 in color and Large $14.99 in colors. No black in small and Large.

SPECIAL PURCHASE OF BELL BOOTS. Neoprene no turn. Velcro Closures. White, Blue and Black $9.99

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78. New green double buckle halter with black overlays and silver conchos. These are a great halter and easy to adjust from either side. Work great with our Chiffeny bits for a bit halter combination if you like. Easy way to have a bridle without having to buy a head stall. $7.99.

Valhoma and Fabtron halters. These are the premium halters. $16.99

Just in premium Halters. Suckling through Large adult horse. They have the premium hardware and are very nice. The Large size says Thoroughbred we use it on our horses that are big enough that a regular horse halter is too tight. 6 colors available. $15.99


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79. New splint boots. Black. Size medium. Neoprene with 3 buckles with velcro. Leather covered on inside for added protection. This is a great price. Protect you horse and your investment in your horse. Keep his legs safe when riding, working him, or training him. $15.99

Just in splint boots teal and neon yellow (they look a bit more yellow/green than the pic shows). Sm., med, large. $13.99

Combo boot. Black Medium. $19.99

Shipping boots tall and to the hock. Yellow and black on hand shipping boot. Set of 4 $26.99

Shipping boots. Tough nylon exterior with fleece lining. Velcro closures. Several colors available. Front 14" back 16". You can but just front or rear pairs. $11.75 a pair. We have one pair that got a bit dirty during the flood and I washed them. They look great but are for sale for $9.99 and they are like the blue with yellow trim in the pic below Not sure if they are the 14 inch or 16 inch ones

Pair of neoprene like Davis shipping boots $14.99

Just in SHOWMAN brand sport boots. Extra support under fetlock. 3 colors. $34.99

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80. Cotton Lead ropes. White, black, red and blue. Bull snap. $6.50

Cotton Lead Ropes with Easy To Open Bolt Snap. Available in several colors and white $5.99


Lead rope with bolt snap. Green apple color. $4.75

JUST IN COWBOY LEADS. Loop in the end so you can loop onto halter or snap and if snap breaks just take off the rope and put on new snap. $4.50. Or buy a bull snap or panic snap and have me put it on or keep extra one on hand.

Soft poly ropes with bull or push snap $6.50.



Just in Jumbo lead ropes!! 1 inch cotton rope. Several colors to choose from. Bolt snap or easy open bull snap. Limited to quanity on hand. Stock up now for spring. $6.50


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