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41. Quality leather headstalls. Get the new silver beaded look. Or check out the silver buckles. Please check out more pics and styles by clicking on the link to the right. These are very nice headstalls and could be used for showing. Keep looking through our tack as we have alot more headstalls available. $24.99

A. B.

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42. Leather curb straps. Saddle barn brand harness leather light strap $6.50, Latigo colored one $5.50 Black $4.50. Black nylon double chain curb strap $3.99, brown $3.50. Harness leather curb strap not pictured but just like the black and the latigo colored curbs with chains pictured $3.50. Harness leather, black, brown and burgundy curb with double chain $3.99

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43. New Harness leather head stall. Heavy duty. Light colored leather. $17.99 Or darker leather headstall with snaps for easy changes between bits. $28.99

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44. Purple braided nylon headstall. $14.99

Nylon headstall. Black, Blue and Red. $8.99

Rainbow Split Reins. These will be great for spring and riding on the trail. $12.99

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Headstalls. Cody stamped in the leather. High quality headstall. Choice of two styles. $29.99

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46. Bosal with leather headstall one eared and the darker leather headstall one ear with throatlatch I have several of these and one one ear without the throatlatch. Cotton reins also. Choice of the three in the pics $33.99

Royal King Bosal. Great quality good enough to show in. I have many different styles and colors to choose from. Choice of designs. $39.99

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47. Harness leather reins 1/2 inch and 3/8 $19.99 Can be dyed to match other headstalls.


One Inch wide leather reins available also. $24.99

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48. Need a pony headstall? Check ours out. Complete headstall, roping reins, bit, chin strap in a variety of colors. Soft nylon for easy care you can even throw it in the washing machine $11.99.

Nylon pony headstall with half cheek snaffle. Complete with roping reins. $13.99

Headstall with matching reins. Compare these in looks to the new Dale Chavez headstalls in the new catalogs. Lots of Bling, beads, and stars. Everything to make you and your horse look great $41.99

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49. Bits New Chiffeny bits great for training they don't pinch the horses mouth as they attach to the halter. Easy to take along for trail riding as you don't need a headstall. Just attach to the halter. $19.99

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50. Side pull. Nice quality leather browband style. Rope nose band. $24.99

Half Breed Side Pull With Bit. Great for starting young horses and getting them used to the bit.


Check out the bling on these nice headstalls. You and your horse will shine.

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51. 8 foot. Soft roping reins. Snaps on both ends. $6.99

Just in Animal Print Hair on headstalls and matching breast collars. Zebra print and leopard print. Silver Royal Brand. These are nice quality headstalls and breast collars. The buckles even have a stamped in animal print. I have black and brown leather. Several options and styles available. There is browband and single ear. Click below for more pics $69.99 For headstall or breast collar. Buy set and save $10


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52. Check out these great Vaquero headstalls. Brown and blue $20.99

Roping reins with scissor snaps on ends. Great match to Vaquero headstalls above. $17.99

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53. LOOK!!! Great headstalls with matching reins. Look great riding everyday or show off in the ring. The smooth silver accents is very unique. These are really nice headstalls. Click on link to the right for more headstalls. $22.99

Silver Royal Dark Oil Headstall. Pretty V to accent your horses head $95

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54. Headstalls with matching reins. Several styles available. Some with silver conchos. Some browband, some double ear. Click on the right for more pics of different headstalls. They are great. NEW BLACK headstall and reins with silver hearts. Edges of headstall shaped to match the hearts. $22.99




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55. New leather headstalls. Different styles. Single ear, one ear sliding, browband. $19.99 Many new styles on hand. Not all styles are pictured

Nylon roping reins. Scissor snap on one end and conway buckle on other. Black and red on hand. $9.75

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56. Cotton Roping Reins in coordinating colors. Be sure to check out our matching cinches and pads. Please inquire for colors on hand as I only have a few left $10.99

Cotton split reins with scissor snaps on ends. Nylon poppers on other end. Also available in black, brown and off white/creme. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR COLORS AS I ONLY HAVE A FEW COLORS LEFT $19.99

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57. A quality poly roper rein with that soft "broken-in" feel that is comfortable and kind to the hands. Features harness leather water loops at both ends with alum tanned lace ties and nickel-plates scissor snaps. 8 foot. 5/8" $13.25

A quality poly roper rein with that soft "broken-in" feel that is comfortable and kind to the hands. Features harness leather water loops at both ends with alum tanned lace ties and nickel plated scissor snaps. 8 foot. 3/8" $11.50

Poly rope. Easy on the hands as it has the "broken in" feel. We now have the split reins. Your choice of length. 7 foot reins with slobber straps and scissor snaps on ends. I can get custom lengths. Black, red, and the twist of rasberry,black and blue. Leather popper on other end. $19.99 6 foot $18.99

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58. Reins for sale. Roping and regular. Check out these nice soft cotton rope ones that we love and use for trail riding and training. New White split cotton 6 or 7 foot ones are $19.95 and the New roping ones 6 foot to 7 1/2 foot $12.99 or 8 foot to 9 foot $13.99 or I can custom make them to your choice of lengths. $1.00 for each additional foot over 9 foot. These reins are a bit thicker than the cotton ones shown above on this page They have scissor snaps on both ends.

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59. Leather braided roping reins. These are a favorite among many cowboys. $12.50 Add scissor snap on one or both ends $1.59 each.

Waxed roping reins. Offers a better grip. Has the "sticky" feel. Favorite among barrel racers. $12.50

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60. "Parachute" split reins. These are a quality rein that feel good in your hands. Only Navy Blue on hand now. Poppers on ends. $15.99

Great looking barrel or roping nylon reins. Lots of crystals to help you shine. Several colors available. Fabtron brand. $19.99

Nice barrel or roping reins. Great colors. Nice feel to the reins. $14.95

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