The Anti Buck

Infinity Acres presents the "Anti Buck". We created this to help keep a horse from getting his head down to buck. We are working on getting it patented. It doesn't hurt the horse and it doesn't "keep" a horses head up. The horse can still turn his head normally and walk, trot, and lope. It is attatched so the horse can move at his normal head set. This is great on horses that try to eat grass while being ridden. We use it on our kids' pony as she likes to snatch grass while being ridden. The Anti Buck keeps the horse from doing this and keeps our kids' hands from getting sore. This also keeps your kids safe. We use it daily on the horses we train and gives us peace of mind as we are safer. Also horses try to buck less when they realize they can't get their head down. It attaches on each side of the halter or to a "Stabelizer" (on one side and halter on the other which) we also sell the stabelizer which is patented and was created by Buck Wheeler. Stabelizer is $39. Please email for details it is a wonderful training aide. The anti buck comes in nylon with leather reinforcements. Nylon are $24.99 color choices are red, green, blue, and white. We are now making the anti buck in 3 sizes small, medium and large. If you would like a kit that gives you two extra pieces so you would have all sizes it is $35. Otherwise add just one extra size for $5 extra.

Please email for names of people that have used the anti buck and love will too...