"I am addicted to your website and visit it almost on a daily basis." Customer from Iowa 2005.

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again now; you are reallly wonderful people to deal with. Your help and understanding have been more than I ever could have expected. I am so grateful for your kind manner. Both of your deserve to have the best of things to come your way. " Customer from Nevada 2005.

"Thank you very much for all of your help! My daughter is very impressed with your 'family business' and I am sure we will do business in the future with you" Customer from Iowa 2005.

"Hope every thing is going well for you! I LOVE your car!! Customer from Colorado 2005.

"Thanks for the trade and hope to do business again soon!" Customer from Iowa 2005.

"I check your website all the time, you have a lot of nice horses for sale. " Customer 2005.

" I looked at your website and you have a lot of nice horses. " Iowa 2005.

"I will pass along your site along to some people we know that are looking for a pony and a mare in foal to a palomino. Hopefully we can generate you some business. Again thank you for WIN (Buddy) he is such a nice addition to our farm." Customer Minnesota 2005.

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the halter and they are beautiful Thank You! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Customer Iowa 2005.

"I saw your flyers at the Expo, however I had been checking with different individuals and had a couple of people recommend you and Larry." Customer Iowa 2005.

"I have done business with you both a few times, and I have been extremley satisfied. You have always gone out of your way to help find what I have needed or wanted. Thank-you.Will see you again for future business. Customer from Iowa." Frankie P. 2005

Hi there, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed visiting your web site, it was like taking a personal tour through your store. Well done! I'm interested in purchasing a solid black super cinch from you. The horsehair zipper pulls. Possibly the black breast collar. I'm also wondering if you have any blankets, pads in turquoise, and black seat savers. My horse is black and I want to dress him out in turquoise. ;-) I have a barrel saddle and am looking for a barrel pad in turquoise and black. Let me know if you have anything like that. I =love= shopping! How do I order? Customer from Washington Debi 2005


Hello, I got the package today. Thank you so much it is beautiful!!! I used the blanket today as a matter of fact. My horse enjoyed it. I have looked hi and low of a saddle blanket that my horse would feel comfortable in and one that wouldnt take all my cah out of my pocket. I am so glad that i went to equine.com and found your tack shop. The bridle i got is Awesome. My horse will look beautiful in it. I was wondering if you have one just like it but not a one ear brow band? If you do could you let me know. Well thanks again and ill tell others about your shop. Thanks a million, Jenny :)

Yes, I sold her from your site!!!! I didn't advertise her after the Spokesman in November. Just this last two weeks I was getting a lot of inquiries off your site. Thanks for everything, Lisa. I will recommend you and your website. Terry ---


Lisa, I did get the package Sat, and used the anti buck this morning on a 5 yr old stud I have that hasn't been ridden in 1 1/2 yrs. He pulled at it once and that was it, I was very impressed. I think it also gave me peace of mind, and a quieter rider=a quieter horse eh? I have a 2yr old to break, and look forward to trying it then too. The rope is great too! Thanks, I check your site out on a weekly basis - and will be in touch if I need anything else. My sister in law will be buying an anti buck too, I just gave her your business card. Michele Customer from Illinois

Hope you all are doing well. Skippy Peanut Butter ( new barn name ) is doing really well. He is a doll baby. My trainer really likes him and she may want to stand him at her barn. Not sure yet. If so she will break him and show him for me. He is the talk of the town with my friends and my husband really likes him. Or I may even send him to my friend in PA and get him broke with him learn how to be a reining horse. I have not decided. And of course my farrier ( jealous man ) said just geld him and ride him???? Bonnie

hi....i was messing around on the computer one day and typed in infinity acres and your web site popped up...i took a look at what u had for sale and i wished i was in the position of buying one of the horses...or at least a few...but i'm not and i enjoyed looking, though...those babies are so cute...anyway, i have been using a computer for a while now, but for me to log in or anything, i had to come up with a user name and i couldn't think of anything to use until my bf--ex, now--told me to use a pet's name...well, i am using rebel's full registered name and when i am on yahoo chat i get asked how i came up with the name and i tell them that it was the name of a horse i once owned...anyway, i will let you go...i just wanted to say hi and thanks for trusting brian and i with not only purchasing that wonderful horse, but also--back then--allowing us to come see her and go for rides even before you sold her...she is forever in our hearts...she is dearly missed and will never be forgotten...thanks for taking the chance with us back then and hopefully someday we may be able to do business again...until then, thanks again for everything...that was the best 10 months of my life...thank you. Customer Iowa

Although I didn't make a purchase at my last visit.. I must say that you guys had an extreme selection to choose from, affordable & quality! He was more than friendly & honest about showing sale horses, stallions etc.. & made me want to come back again! I've recommended you to friends knowing you'd do right! Northwest IA. breeder 1/27/2006 *Feel free to add this to your web comments

You guys have a great web site I check it all the time to see if you have any new horses up I always check you tack to, to see what is new I bought my husband one of the gun bits you had he loved it he is going to be a cop so it fit him well. Thanks for all that you do to help people get the right horse that they need and to make sure they are happy with what they are getting alot of people say you bought it to bad you get what you buy not you guys you tell it how it is Oskaloosa Iowa 2006

HI- The bareback pad is working out great. Thanks a lot. We haven't got our new horses yet hoping by next weekend we will get them. I have been checking your site often and will let you know when they get here if we need anything. Thanks again. Angie & Eric

Hi, Also wanted to tell you that Lilly aka "Mazy" is doing GREAT! I have her boarded at a very nice facility with me here in Cedar Falls where I am going to school. She is doing absolutely wonderful. We did have some rough times, but we worked through them and really have worked well as a team. I'm sending you a couple pictures of her. Just wanted to say thanks for selling such a great mare! *Whitney*

Hello, I got the saddle yesterday :) it is a very nice saddle. I havent gotten a chance to put it on my horse but I will. Thanks so much, Jenny In Minnesota 2007

Hi Lisa,
Just got it yesterday. Thank you!!! I love it! Now I don't have all of
these things hanging off of my waist. Consolidation is a good thing!!!!!!!
Take care!!!!! And thanks, again!
Sharon from Huntington Beach, California 2007

Hi Lisa,
I got the shirt and I love it!!
thank you,
Claire from Chandler, Arizona 2007


I absolutely love the little guy (I call him "Hef"
after Mr. Playgirl himself). He's the quietest colt
I've ever trained--and everyone agrees! At his first
hoof trim, he didn't even bat an eye and it took less
than 5 minutes. The vet commented on how he was the
best trained weanling he'd examined, and the barn
manager loves to work around him because he's so
gentle. He's all fuzzy now, but when he was starting
to shed out he looks like he's going to be pretty dark
We didn't show, but I took him to a few open shows for
exposure and I swear he acted like he'd done it all
his life. He's great at setting up and trotting on the
lead. He let me clip him w/ no assistance from anyone
and then hopped in the trailer like a pro. He also let
me bathe him pretty easily. I'm planning on showing
the PHBA cicuit next year, in halter and longe line.
He's going to kick butt--his legs are so straight and
he's really put together nicely. Even the vet said
that he's growing everywhere but his head--it's still
tiny! What a cutie.
No pictures, but my parents are giving me a digital
camera for my birthday next week, so I will keep you
updated. Thank you so much for a great little guy!
Wendy 2007

Thanks for checking in, and thanks again for helping us to get started with such a great horse. He is an answered prayer! Aaron Iowa 2007

Actually, I just got them yesterday and I absolutely love the headstall. Leigh Anne Hershey, Nebraska 2008

Hi Lisa,
We received the cinches today, and our daughter is very pleased! She can't wait to go try it on the horse. Thank you for all your work!
Have a blessed day with our Lord, Jesus!

hello Lisa i got the package today so thankyou very much and i look forward to doing more business with you.
kim 2008 Canada

he back cinch was perfect and the seat cover. You are good! Rhonda 2008 Iowa


I just gotta tell you..........I love Tru..........I almost wish she wasn't bred so that I could have Kelly start getting her ready to show this summer. She was loping out here....actually all 3 of them were loping, bucking, acting crazy............but Tru's lope looks so nice and smooth.......and her jog does too. And she absolutely follows me everywhere when I'm out in the lot with them. Vinnie and Bonnie are like that too, but they are usually after food.............she just wants attention. I am really glad I bought her!!!! And if you want to put that in a "testimonial" page for satisfied customers........that's fine:>) I might end up liking her so much that I sell the other two.......LOL I really like it that she's taller.........even tho I'm a shorty. Cheryl Iowa 2008

Lisa ...
just wanted you to know i got my halter today. the color is a perfect match to my other tack. the size looks just about right too. im going to try it on him tomorrow. thanks again and i will keep your card handy for the future.
mandy from California 2009

Yes--I meant to let you know. It got here, looks GREAT with my shirt. I'll check your site again--the only things I neeeeeeeeeed now are a solid show blankets in royal blue, red, and purple. Thanks again--have a great Christmas!
Marci 2008 New Mexico

I just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know the fillies are doing great. The little one will always be little, I bet she'll never get close to 15 hands, but she is cute. The other filly out of your Playgirls Conclusion horse is really a nice filly. We are pleased to have them.
Merry Christmas.
Glenda Wagoner, OK 2008

AND I LOVE IT!!!! My headstall is almost a perfect match, so I dont have to sell mine and but a new one!! :) wooohooo!!! thanks again, Tina Iowa 2010

I received the saddle today and it is gorgeous! It will look great on my chocolate palomino gelding. I really appreciate the care you took in packaging it. I am happy that I found your online tack shop and will definitely be checking there for anything else I might need in the future. Take care.
-Nichole Minnesota 2010

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