I found and bought my 69 Charger. I am soooo excited. We hauled it home and took it straight to mechanics. So should have it to drive the end of next week. I will need a few parts if you have any. Thanks and enjoy.


Back tires 10 wide. On Weld 5 spoke aluminum racing rims. I am looking for the vector 10 spoke rims like the General Lee had in The Dukes of Hazard had. If you know of anyone that has any?

In shop when I went to look at it still working on putting in rear end.

Pic of motor when I went to look at it.

Rear end view when I went to look at it. New metal in rear quarters but some bondo will have to see what the body guy says.

Rear view. My first Charger had a broken tail light when I got it so glad this car has them intact. Need to do a bit of rust repair on truck lid and tail light panel.

My Dad offered to drive his truck/trailer to pick up my Charger and Larry came along. So had a nice drive and supper when we picked up the car. Dad brought it to the mechanics in a.m. to get some work done.

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